Our names are Amber Smeulders and Sabine van den Boer, both 16 years old and from the Netherlands. Our profile research paper project is a final paper for school. We have chosen to do our research on boats, but boats with a difference. The project involves building the boat and following its trip using GPS. One of the beauties of this program is that you never know what will happen when a small boat goes out to sea. Our boat will be launched from Florida. You can find more information about the boats on  

Additionally, we will be cooperating with foreign schools, and this year the foreign school comes from Florida, namely the Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School. Every year new students take over this project and keep it going, which means that it changes hands somewhere else abroad.

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Boat 1: Amber

Boat 1: Amber

Boat 2: Anno

Boat 2: Coming soon…